Bookshelf clean out

I spent the May long weekend going through my book collection that I started 10 years ago. I found quite a few books that I forgot I owned!

Some of them were in quite bad condition so I decided to recycle them. Most of them are still in read-able condition so they were added to the donation pile. I realized a lot of these books I never got around to reading. That makes me realize I should not just buying books for the sake of buying. I should read the ones I do buy, or donate earlier on.


My sister and I took the books in a cart and took them to community pop up libraries.

It also doubled as a nice walk on a spring evening around our neighbourhood. I’m really impressed at how these cute book exchanges are constructed.

Going through my old books, I also found a number of old book marks that I can use.


The rest of the books that I didn’t donate, I brought to Pulp Fiction bookstore on Main and Broadway. I wanted to donate the remaining books to the store, but they insisted on giving me some credit for a few titles that they think will sell. I used the store credit to buy Tagore’s “The home and the world” and also took home $3!

Cleaning out old books mean giving someone else the chance to read these books, and re-discovering some books that I still want to read.